Encoding engines source codes:

8Hz-mp3 (release 0.2b) : - Layer 3 - C - 277 k

Sources of a layer 3 only encoder derived from the ISO source code.

BladeEnc (release 0.92) : - Layer 3 - C - 205 k

Sources of a layer 3 only encoder derived from the ISO source code with some speed improvements.

FAAC encoder (release 0.60) : - AAC - C - 134 k

FAAC is an AAC encoder. It is the sequel of the MBSoft project, with an improved quality.

Gogo-no-Coda (release 3.01) : - Layer 3 - Asm/C - 130 k

Gogo is an mp3 encoder derived from LAME 3.88. It adds massive assembly optimisations for MMX, SSE, 3DNow! and Enhanced 3DNow!, an also multiprocessor support. With this you will have both high quality (provided by LAME) and high speed (provided by the Gogo modifications).

ISO mp3 sources (distribution 10) : - Layer 1/2/3 - C - 512 k

Sources of the Mpeg 1,2 layer 1,2,3 audio encoder and decoder distributed by the ISO group in charge of the MPEG.

Lame (release 3.92) : - Layer 3 - C/Asm - 948 k

Lame is an open source encoder wich features a new psychoacoustic model called GPsycho. It also brings joint stereo encoding and variable bitrate. Its quality is substantially better than ISO psy-model based encoders (such as Lame 2.1, BladeEnc, 8Hz-mp3, all free Windows encoders).

MBSoft AAC Encoder (release 0.4) : - AAC - C - 130 k

A basic but clean implementation of AAC encoding. A good starting point for AAC encoding, way better than using the MPEG-4 ISO code.

MP3Stego (release 1.1.15) : - Layer 3 - C - 494 k

An encoder build around 8Hz that uses steganography to hide information inside mp3 files. The information is transparent during listening, but can still be retrieved from the file using the appropriate decoder.

MPEG-4 Audio Reference Software (08/99 release) : - AAC/MPEG-4 - C - 819 k

This is the new MPEG-4 Reference Software for Natural Audio and Natural Speech Coding from August 99. It also includes AAC and TwinVQ encoding and decoding C source code.

MPEG-4 Natural Audio multichannel encoding software (05/98 release) : - AAC/MPEG-4 - C/C++ - 413 k

This is the MPEG-4 source code for encoding multichannel Natural Audio files. It also includes AAC and TwinVQ encoding code.

MPEG for Matlab (release 1.2.4) : - Layer 1 - Matlab - 26 k

This is an implementation of the Layer1 model for Matlab. Very usefull as it provides a visualisation of masking.

Shine (release 0.1.4) : - Layer 3 - C - 73 k

This is a very minimalist, but clean implementation of MP3. It can be used as a starting point for an encoder.

Shine Fixed Point (release 0.1.2) : - Layer 3 - C/Asm - 39 k

This is a port of Shine to Arm and StrongArm fixed point. It provides a 30x speedup over the floating point release. It has been tested on Acorn.

Uzura3 (release 0.3w) : - Layer 3 - Fortran - 34 k

An interesting Layer3 implementation. A basic psychoacoustic model, not using all the possible features, but featuring VBR, middle-side stereo and mixed blocks. Quite clean, so it could be interesting even if you do not understant fortran.

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